Roku vs Chromecast vs Amazon Fire TV vs. Apple TV – How Do These Products Justify Their Pricing?


Media-streaming devices market has been flourishing with new and updated products flowing in on a regular basis.

Choosing the right media-streaming device, suiting your requirements and pocket, has become relatively difficult now. However, those planning to enhance their ordinary TV watching experience to a smart TV experience will have an option to choose from a range of products. Regardless, there are high chances of the potential buyer ending up choosing between four media-streaming devices. These popular devices are Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku and Amazon Fire TV.

To gain a better understanding of these products and their features, let us evaluate these four media-streaming devices.


Pricing is a major factor for most people when it comes to purchasing products. The media-streaming industry has been marked with competitive pricing. Chromecast media-streaming stick has been the most economically priced product in the industry. The device is available for an inexpensive price of $35. In fact, the thumb drive size of the Chromecast device makes for its inexpensive price. However, the Roku stick is also available at an affordable price of $49.

In comparison, the Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and Roku 3 set top boxes can be availed for a decent price of $99. The devices are priced competitively and meticulously, keeping in mind the tough competition prevalent in the media-streaming world.

Features Comparison

With literally no difference in terms of price, apart from that of the Chromecast stick from Google, these media-streaming devices come with vast differences with respect to their features.

Amazon Fire TV, being the last to be released in the media streaming industry, comes with the latest features and a powerful spec sheet than its counterparts. The device offers a range of channels and TV shows, a quick processing unit, a remote control with voice search functionality and a higher RAM of 2GB.

Chromecast may not come with a remote control support, but can be operated using a smartphone or a tablet. The device offers smooth functionality with both the Android and iOS operating systems. The device offers a smart TV experience using Chrome Browser or the desktop.

Roku has a variety of offerings for its users. The Roku media-streaming stick offers superb functionality at an affordable price of $49. However, the Roku 3 set-top box, available for $99 comes with various gaming options and a decent functioning remote. The Bluetooth connectivity of its remote enhances its functionality. The headphone jack feature on the remote control offers you ease of browsing, without troubling others.

Apple is a popular brand name when it comes to connectivity. The company has been producing a range of products in every field. Apple TV also draws similar connectivity features as other products from the company. The Air Playing feature is the main selling point of this set-top box. In addition, the Parental Control feature enables you to lock the channels you do not wish your child to see. The only drawback with the Apple TV set-top box is its compatibility with Apple products. In case, you are into the Apple ecosystem, you should buy the Apple TV. The device is not compatible with other devices.

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